Wood Turner

Senior Vice President


Wood Turner is a Senior Vice President at Agriculture Capital, focused on integrating and operationalizing the firm’s global regenerative management strategies.

Wood brings over 25 years of experience in corporate sustainability, environmental management, and consumer engagement. Most recently, he was on the executive team at organic yogurt pioneer Stonyfield Farm as the company’s VP Sustainability Innovation. Prior to that, he was founding executive director of Climate Counts, an international NGO focused on measuring and scoring the world’s largest consumer companies on their concrete, enterprise-level responses to climate change. Wood has consulted to brands, elected officials, and public agencies on mobilizing the public around ideas that improve the environment and build community, including the start-up of a groundbreaking curbside food waste recovery program, the expansion of carshare program access to underrepresented communities in the Puget Sound area and Los Angeles, development of an early shuttle program for Bay Area biotech workers, and a citizen engagement program that nearly resulted in innovative fixed-rail for Seattle. Early in his career, he worked with the plastics industry in the policy and product stewardship arenas and was later instrumental in developing Urban Ecology’s “Blueprint for a Sustainable Bay Area.” He worked for many years on the alignment of economic and recreation demands with wetland, riparian, and wildlife corridor conservation in the Pacific Northwest.

Wood earned his undergraduate degree from Duke University and his graduate degree in urban and environmental planning and design from the University of Washington. He advises several sustainable food startups, was, an expert in residence at Presidio Graduate School, and advises the UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business’ Sustainable Food Initiative. He previously advised Sustainable Brands and Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment and now sits on advisory boards for the Duke University Campus Farm and the Center for Good Food Purchasing.  He began a five-year appointment to the National Organic Standards Board in early 2020.