Ashton Wolfe

Payroll and Human Resource Specialist

Wolfe Pic BW

Ashton joins Agriculture Capital as our Payroll and Human Resource Specialist. Ashton is able to showcase her strong belief in providing best-in-class client services to those within and outside of her organization.

Prior to joining Agriculture Capital, Ashton spent 13 years in various payroll, HR, and accounting roles within the manufacturing, service, construction, agriculture, and retail industries. At Agriculture Capital, she is proud to be a part of a team whose professional endeavors align with her personal belief in creating more sustainable and ethically sourced food.

Ashton resides in Portland with her husband and four rescued dogs. As an animal lover, Ashton is vegan and involved in the local animal rescue community and has volunteered for non-profit organizations such as Northwest Animal Companions of Oregon & Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue. In addition to her rescue work, Ashton enjoys watching scary movies with her son, dancing with her husband, and hopes to someday own a house in the woods large enough to provide a forever home for senior, disabled, and otherwise “unadoptable” animals.